Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who is tabs? +

Tabs has been providing custom payment solutions exclusively to health care practices for over 10 years. As a trusted partner to health care providers nationwide, we develop and implement a payment strategy for our clients to improve productivity within their practice, improve cash flow and enhance the overall patient experience.

What type of clients do you work with? +

At Tabs we stick to our expertise, and that’s helping health care practices navigate the ever-changing payments industry and positioning our clients to streamline the billing process, reduce accounts receivable and provide flexible payment options for their patients.

Whether you are a single practice or a growing organization with hundreds of locations, we will provide you with the right payment solution to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of incorporating a payment strategy into my practice? +

We can help you:
• Reduce monthly billing and accounts receivable balances
• Automatically post payments to the patient ledger and improve workflows for your team
• Securely store cards on file and offer pre-authorized payment plans for recurring treatments
• Eliminate excess rates and fees charged by retail processors
• Save staff time in processing patient payments

How can I increase cash flow in my practice? +

We can help you to increase cash flow by enabling you to offer patients all payment options at all points of the health care cycle and by providing practical, expert support.

Can working with Tabs save me money? +

An optimized system that brings more payments in and automates transactions for your team means you will save on manual labor time, effort and costs. The days of mailing multiple paper statements to patients is over!

How does the pricing work and will I have to sign a contract? +

We believe transparency is paramount in this business; we offer a flat rate regardless of payment type. We ask for no commitment length and no signed contracts…we want to earn your trust and loyalty!

How can you help address COVID and health concerns as it relates to payments? +

We will provide a 100% contactless payment experience:
• Client facing terminal
• Text-to-pay
• Online payments
• Recurring payment plan and one-time payments utilizing card on file

Our texting platform provides unlimited custom text messages which is ideal for patients waiting outside to see the doctor. We can also provide a digital clipboard to enable you to capture all of the patient information you require prior to the patient stepping foot in your practice.

Who do I contact for additional information? +

For more information on how to automate billing, minimize accounts receivable and improve overall patient satisfaction, please email us at info@tabspayment.com.