A Better Solution

Powered by Practice Management Bridge®, Tabs provides expertise and customized payment solutions exclusively for health care providers.

Providing a simple, safe, and secure healthcare technology platform

Practice Management Bridge is a comprehensive solution for improved office efficiency and enhanced patient experience. This turnkey technology interfaces seamlessly with your current EMR system, allowing you to easily track, manage, report, and reconcile patient payment information.

Offers convenient, contactless payment solutions.

Interfaces seamlessly into any practice management system.

Expedites payments before, during, and after care.

Replaces outdated processes with digital automation.

Stores patient data in a reliable, secure backend.

Allows for functionality to be leveraged across locations.

Improves communication between practice and patients.

Implements quickly with easy, remote installation.

Features and Benefits

Text to Pay
Allow patients to make online payments through text message links.

Contactless Capabilities
Accept Apple Pay®, Google PayTM , Samsung Pay® and other touch-free payments.

Automatic Posting
Easily post payments to the patient ledger in your practice management system.

Digital Patient Registration
Let patients fill out forms electronically before visits through text or email links.

Card on File
Safely store preferred payment information for future charges.

Flexible Payment Plans
Make financing manageable by offering smaller payments over time.

More Details

Digital Registration Forms icon

Digital Registration Forms

Collect patient information before visits, conveniently and accurately.

Customizable Messages icon

Customizable Messages

Sending text messages from your office is a direct and reliable way to reach patients.

Card on File icon

Card on File

When patients place a card on file, providers know they will get paid for their services.

Point of Care Payments icon

Point of Care Payments

Our technology helps you give patients consumer-friendly payment exeperiences.

Contactless  Payments icon

Contactless Payments

Touch-free payments and tap-to-pay cards are a fast, safe, and secure payment option.

Online Payments icon

Online Payments

Patients prefer to make payments on a providers’ website. We make it simple to set up and share a payment link.

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